The day this book was recommended to me, my writing life changed forever. Stephen King gives us a glimpse into how his life came to be what it is while doling out some truly impactful wisdom for writers as he goes. If this isn’t on your shelf right now, drop everything and get a copy.

I love me some Elizabeth Gilbert, yes I do. As much as some people like to hate on her for turning her heartbreak into a magical story of food, travel, and love, I have nothing but the deepest respect for her ability to turn personal upheaval into perspectives from which we can all benefit. Then, she went and wrote this book on creativity that completely blew my mind. It’s a combination of gentle advice for writers with a few necessary punches to the gut so we can get out of our own way. I buy a copy of this for every young writer I meet, and read my copy at least once per year.

Years ago, my husband told me I needed to learn marketing if I wanted to become a writer. I scoffed at him, my fragile artist’s ego unwilling to accept the fact that I might need to learn to sell my work. Well, kids, he was right. Luckily, a colleague of my husband’s introduced me to this pro, who very generously gave me a phone call and an introduction to the world of content marketing. He also recommended this book by David Meerman Scott, which told me everything I needed to know.