If you’re a professional writer, then you already know what it means to structure your thoughts, turn a blank page into an article, and meet deadlines. You probably encounter writer’s block regularly, but it doesn’t matter because you have to deliver — and so you do.

But then there’s your own writing. Same desk, same laptop, same skills … different outcome. Suddenly, when switching from paid to personal, your writing flounders. It lacks structure, it doesn’t seem useful or insightful, and it sometimes never even makes it from your head to the page.

It can be shockingly easy to write your very best for someone else and then completely bomb your own ideas. Why is it so different when approaching a blank page that turns into a paycheck and a blank page that’s just for you?

If you feel as though your professional writing career has rendered you voiceless in your personal writing, you should know that it’s not just you. I’m not saying it happens to everyone, but it’s happened to me and enough of my peers to hint that this might be a real phenomenon. And I think it’s time to do something about it.

Level-Up Your Personal Writing

My own way to solve this problem has been to talk my writer friends through it over the years and work with them to regain their voice. And finally one of them told me it’s time to take this effort up a notch.

As such, I’m starting a service for writers who’ve gotten good at working for others but feel that they’ve lost something of their own in doing so. Interested in learning more? Fill out this form, and I’ll fill you in on the details. It’s time to get your voice back.